What is S7?

S7 is a relatively new blend of plant-based ingredients from Futureceuticals. A spinoff of Spectra, it is more for performance than its counterpart. The blend includes green coffee bean extract, green tea extract,  turmeric extract, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and make. It is not a nitrate product. It signals to the body to produce nitric oxide. Fighting free radicals and increasing bioavailable concentration of nitric oxide. Studies are promising, showing at 50mg increasing concentration up to 230%.

However, the study was only done with 8 “healthy subjects.” The data was published in the journal Free Radical Research. We’d love to see more data on athletes. In conclusion, I definitely see benefits from this ingredient, possibly inflammation, along with the potential for an endogenous nitric oxide boost. You may ask why nitric oxide is good? It’s a potent vasodilator. Blood vessels relax, improving blood flow helping shuttle nutrients. More importantly oxygen, and helping muscles contract. Better blood flow lowers blood pressure, lessens the demand on your heart, and skeletal muscles.  It also promotes the formation of glutathione, a critical antioxidant. It facilitates the transmission of messages between nerve cells, improving memory, learning, and sleep. The production of nitric oxide lowers with age, by 40, producing half of what it did at 20.

We’d all like to improve our performance and become healthier. Plus, who doesn’t love a great pump? It’s almost as good as sex. Almost. These days getting your N.O. levels tested is relatively cheap and is highly recommended to get a baseline of where you are. Eating leafy vegetables and things like beets can help, as they are rich in nitrates. Personally, I’m a fan of arugula blended and thrown in with hamburger meat.

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