Are Pre-Workout Supplements Worth Taking

When looking for ways to gain an edge in the gym, one will surely stumble upon pre-workout supplements. First introduced in the early 80’s, they are commonly known as concoctions of stimulants that give you an energy boost. These days they are much more than that. They have become very complex with ingredients to increase power, endurance, and focus. The question most often asked however is, ‘are pre-workout supplements worth taking?’ Let’s attempt to answer that question by looking at the ingredients.


Simply put: caffeine works. It’s the main reason why when anyone wants a little boost, they turn to coffee or sodas. Unless you experience adverse side effects, there really is no question whether it is worth it. You may however want to steer away from some sugary drinks that contain it.

Caffeine is more than simply a morning eye-opener or mid-afternoon kick in the butt. Caffeine plays a role in helping you focus, and that is why it is included in many pre-workout supplements. Some evidence even suggests that caffeine may increase testosterone and fat oxidation; both of these can be beneficial to athletes.


This is a very popular supplement that is often added to pre-workouts because of its unusually strong link to increasing power. There are plenty of studies that back this up, but two studies in particular that suggest a boost of anywhere between 12 and 25 percent. These can be found in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry and Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Creatine is a particularly effective supplement for vegetarians. Creatine naturally occurs in animal products, so for those on an all plant-based diet, they will have low levels.


This amino acid when taken is known to improve endurance and help with strength training. It is commonly found in pre-workouts and you know it’s in because of an unusual characteristic. When taken, it makes your skin tingle.


Many cut carbs to lose weight but they may forget that carbohydrates are essential to physical workouts. When you don’t have enough carbohydrate reserves and you try to crank out tons of volume in the gym, it’s not going to go very well.

There are plenty more pre-workout ingredients that we have not covered in this article. These were just the ones most commonly used. But, in answer to the question, “are pre-workout supplements worth taking?”, the answer is yes. IF you pick the right supplement with the correct ingredients and use it judiciously. Sporadic use of anything from supplements, to vitamins, to medication never really works out well. If you choose to give pre-workouts a try, make sure you use them on a regimented schedule to realize the results they can help you attain.

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