Pre-Workout FAQs

If you are looking for a great way to level up your training sessions, then pre-workout supplements are an excellent choice. Many athletes have turned to these supplements to boost their performance exponentially. But, for just as many that use them are that many that have questions about them. Let’s take a look at a few of those frequently asked questions and clear up some misconceptions.

What are pre-workout supplements?

If you are new to the idea of pre-workout supplements, they are exactly what their name suggests. You take pre-workout supplements prior to a workout. Different brands provide different benefits, but in general pre-workouts boost your strength, endurance, and energy to help you meet your workout goals.

What are pre-workout supplements used for?

Pre-workout supplements can help you in two areas. They can be used to either enhance performance, or they can be used for aesthetic purposes. For example, a sprinter may take them to sustain performance and run laps without losing steam. A bodybuilder will take fat-burning pre-workout supplements to obtain a leaner, more fit physique.

Can pre-workout supplements be used for energy enhancement?

One outstanding trait of pre-workout supplements is they can be used for a quick jolt of energy. Many people who use supplements tend to be low in carbs and calories. Taking supplements allows users to crush their workouts without overloading on food.

Are pre-workout supplements safe?

There are plenty of options when it comes to pre-workout supplements. There are also just as many misconceptions as to their safety. Pre-workout supplements are completely safe IF they are taken as directed.

A common complaint of gym-goers is that they have palpitations when taking pre-workouts. Though true, the root cause of the palpitations is not the pre-workouts. It lies in the fact that the user often-times consumes an excessive amount of caffeine before their workout in combination with their pre-workout supplement of choice.  This double dose of energy boost from the pre-workout plus the added caffeine has a negative result. What this means is you do not have to stop taking pre-workouts; you just need to read the labels and not consume caffeine on top of them.

Where to buy pre-workout supplements?

You should always be careful where you purchase your pre-workout supplements. Read all the reviews and articles you can find about your supplement store of choice. Check into how and where the supplements are manufactured. Don’t be afraid to send them an email or call them to learn more about their company.

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