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Benefits of Using Pre-Workout Nutrition

Benefits of Using Pre-Workout Nutrition

Are you looking to increase the results of your workout in a brand new way? Pre-Workout supplements are incredibly beneficial in helping you achieve your workout goals. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pre-workout nutrition. 

Around 30 minutes before starting your daily exercise regimen, consider a pre-workout supplement. The aim is to provide your muscles with the much-needed energy supplies to support your regimen. Most supplements will include some form of protein and simple carbs that can quickly be absorbed. 

When you work out, your energy reserves decline rapidly. Pre-workout supplements can bolster those reserves giving you the extra boost need to reach your workout goals.  

Increase Physical Performance

Protein is essential for protein synthesis to occur. To be effective, this synthesis must exceed or equal the rate at which protein breakdown occurs. Protein is a crucial nutrient that supports muscle maintenance and growth. It’s essential so that you can make every rep. 

Some pre-workout supplements contain creatine, which aids in saturating your muscle creatine levels, which are usually low. Creatine is known to increase physical performance during short-term, high-intensity workout regimens. 

Prevent Premature Fatigue

We’ve all experienced this one. You’re just about to hit that extra rep goal, and you can’t pull it off. As your energy levels deplete throughout your workout, your muscles tire and become exhausted prematurely. By supplementing the correct nutrients before your workout, you are setting the stage for your body to deliver optimum performance with high levels of energy. 

When you have boosted your energy levels pre-workout, your body can push through ever target rep without tiring early. 

Reduce Protein Breakdown

The key to gaining and maintaining muscle tissue, you want the BCAAs. These are the building blocks of protein. You will want to add additional amino acids which can be gained through pre-workout supplements. Keeping proteins levels high prevents your muscles from breaking down as they essentially starve for more energy. 

Increase alertness

2012 study published in Nutrition & Metabolism showed that using a pre-workout supplement “significantly improved agility choice reaction performance…while increasing perceived energy and reducing subjective fatigue.” Essentially that means your body is more alert so you can focus intently on the task at hand – your workout.

Increase anaerobic power

Athletes who perform extreme efforts for short periods utilize more anaerobic energy systems in their bodies. Essentially, these systems do not require oxygen. A June 2016 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition conducted with moderately trained males who consumed a pre-workout supplement 20 minutes before their workout routine, it led to “significant improvements in anaerobic peak power” compared to the placebo group.

Are you looking for a significant boost to your workout? Want to reach and even blow past your workout goals? Want all this in a safe, proven formula? Look no further than the pre-workout supplement line of products from Obsessed Nutrition

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