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How to Choose the Best Pre-Workout

How to Choose the Best Pre-Workout

Choosing the best pre-workout has two deciding factors for everyone. Those are your individual goals and your budget. There are hundreds of pre-workout options available on the market today. There are ways to help you make the right choice when it comes to knowing how to choose the best pre-workout.

Read Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the best ways to determine how effective a pre-workout is. Why? Because these reviews are coming from people who have used the product. Consider them mini case studies in some respects. You will want to mainly focus on reviews that have come from experienced lifters and athletes that are lengthy and go into detail. These are people who are serious about their exercise regimen and want to share their experience with others. 

Cost and Servings

To accurately assess the cost, you will want to look at price per serving. This is the best indication of how much a pre-workout will cost you over time. Count the number of workouts you do or plan on doing per week. Based on that number, you will know how long each container will last. Don't forget; you do not need to take most pre-workouts on non-training days.  

Avoid Non-Natural Ingredients

Read and understand the ingredients on the product label. Remember, you are putting these things into your body. Some things to avoid would be sucralose. This is bad sugar. Silicon Dioxide is another. It is added as an "anti-caking agent" to keep the powder from clumping. The key here is to do your research. If you find ingredients that are not food or are formed from a food, then you want to avoid it. 

What is a Healthy Pre-Workout?

The best thing to do is to search for an all-natural or, better yet, organic pre-workout. These products use a mix of real food ingredients that have been studied for efficacy and have proven results. As mentioned earlier, if you see an ingredient on the label that you do not recognize, look it up. 

What follows are some potential goals you may have and some things to look for in a pre-workout that suits your needs. 

Pre-Workouts for Fat Loss

Look for a pre-workout with caffeine as one of it's active ingredients. Caffeine has been proven in numerous studies to speed up the metabolism in the human body by as much as 10%. 

Pre-Workouts for Strength

Industry experts agree that the best pre-workout supplements for strength should contain creatine monohydrate. It's been shown to improve the strength, speed, and power of your muscles, and has also been found to increase muscle mass. 

Pre-Workouts for Endurance

If you want to increase endurance, make sure your chosen pre-workout contains carbohydrates. Carbs (good ones) are the bodies' primary source for fuel. Increase your fuel, and you will greatly impact your endurance. 

Pre-Workouts for Motivation

Lastly, if you are looking to keep motivated and stay focused throughout your workout, caffeine is the answer. There's a reason the average person grabs a cup of coffee to get going in the morning. The same holds true for your pre-workout.  

Follow these steps to ensure you get the best pre-workout and reach the fitness goals you have set for yourself. Check out our range of pre-workouts at

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